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Vicki specializes in precision cutting techniques.  This includes scissor, clipper and razor cutting that texturizes, thins and sculpts the hair that give each client beautiful, professional results.

Glam Hair Styles

Strut your locks in style with the latest glam holiday hair styles that offer you the chance to sportyour hair in piled-up polished dos as well as hot curls and other on trend designs. Immaculatestyling and sex-appeal is what it takes to look stunning and honor the special moments with a highstreet do. Choose the style alternative that best suits your hair type and length. Set the perfect blueprint to copycat for your admirers.


Hot Hair Highlights

Break out of the box and try your hand at an eye-catching do for the cold season. The cool hairhighlights for winter would keep your locks updated and versed with the latest hair color trends.Combine the various hues and enhance your base tone with these smashing and must have accessories.With creativity and master coloring skills you'll have the privilege to land on the best dressed list. See Hair Color


Vampy Hair Color Ideas

Reinvent your look with for the cold months and sport one of the vampy hair color ideas for winter.The subtle placement of the various hair styles as well as cool block-coloring project would all turnyour do into a real masterpiece. This time refuse to stick to ordinary shades and instead take acloser glimpse at the fiery hues that would add shine and texture to your tresses. Update your appearancewith these faddish styling alternatives and make sure you spot a tone that complements your complexion. See Hair Color