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BY far the most popular winding technique, rollers are placed in a brick pattern rather than straight rows, and this helps to elimate what we sometimes call "tramlines" i.e. false partings created in the hair when using the 9 section technique. A brickwind can be wound in the direction you would like the perm to be.

DIRECTIONAL PERM - The Custom Style Perm

A perm wrapping method that allow s the hir to define itslef to create your desired style.  A directional wind is basically a 9 section perm wind, but the rollers are placed into the direction that the hair will go, rather than regimented in a standard formation like the 9 section wind.  For example, you might wind the top section across to one side, or the 2 side sections at the front going back instead of down.


This is what we used to call a "basic winding pattern". It is called 9 section for a reason. The hair is divided into 9 sections and then, beginning at the bottom sections, the hair is sectioned and wound onto rollers. The hair from the front to the back is wound going backwards. The sides are rolled going downwards.


If you long for texturized bulky hair, spiral perms might be the perfect solution to fulfill your wish. Spirals perm hairstyles recruit fans regardless of age and place, become one of the great examples who popularize the ageless hairdo. Apparently perms show off in each era either in their classy or more edgy form. Those who were already blessed with angel curls opt for it to add volume to their locks.

Other sport this hairstyle in order to banish the flatness and dullness sleek strands might give.  It seems that more and more teens follow their mothers’ footsteps and get a quick perm for enhancing the beauty of their tresses. These artificial waves seems to conquer both average people and prominent figures from the red carpet.

Those who contact a hair stylist will find out that there are several perming techniques to choose from. Depending on the tightness they select, the length of their hair and the shape of curls, you’ll be offered with a wide range of options. If you are tired of the worn-out strands jazz them up with spiral perm. This technique is characterized by a romantic and classy flair.  The process of creating this perm allows the hair to turn into loose and dramatic curls. Indeed as one of the basic styling trick in the business to thicken the otherwise thin and fine strands.  This is the ultimate remedy to create the illusion of dense and voluminous hair. The longer rods that are applied to the hair contribute to the fairy-tale waves this perming technique produces.  Spiral perms match all face shapes, that’s why they gained a huge popularity among style-conscious people. Long, medium and even short hair is perfectly brightened up with these loose curls.

Before you decide to have a similar hairdo take a closer peek to the condition of your hair. The chemicals the process utilizes can ruin your strands and cause irreversible damages. That’s why it ideal to have perms only if you are the proud owner of healthy follicles.

In order to maintain the refined look of your hair, follow a well-defined hair care routine that presupposes the use of styling products specially designed for perm hairstyles. The quality of brushing your tresses will influence the long-lasting effect of the hairdo. Consequently pay attention to your hair care rituals and try to cause the least damage to your locks. Instead use your fingers to detangle the bulky hair rather than torturing the follicles with a harsh brush. 

Spiral perms are without a doubt versatile hairstyle perfect for casual as well as formal events.  Indeed there's no limit when it comes of shaping your curls, tie them in an ultra-romantic updo, or let them flow free in a breath-taking downdo.Experiment with your creativity to discover the unlimited styling possibilities this hairstyle offers.